Yogacharya B.K.S. Iyengar with his intellectual and spiritual practices has masterminded the techniques which can be used by all practitioners of yoga.

“Research based experience” and “experience based research” has helped him in evolving this technique which is now known as “Iyengar Yoga”. He has therefore made it possible for ordinary human beings to experience the wisdom of the yoga sutras.

“Grace, beauty, strength, energy and firmness adorn the body through Yoga.” – Yoga Sutra – Patanjali

Iyengar yoga is meant for all and is a way of life. The use of props, designed by Guruji , such as wooden gadgets, belts, ropes helps the practitioner to achieve perfection in any asana. Regular practice of ‘Iyengar Yoga’ definitely integrates the body, mind and emotions.

Words cannot convey the value of yoga,it has to be experienced.” B.K.S.Iyengar


Brenda on Retreat

I am Brenda Hobdell and I am an experienced Iyengar yoga teacher. I have been practising Iyengar yoga for 35 years and teaching the Iyengar method for more than 25 years.

I have visited the Iyengar institute in Pune nine times where I was taught by BKS Iyengar , Geetaji and Prashantji. I have attended the remedial training course as set out by BKS Iyengar.

I am registered on the Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) part of the British Council for Yoga TherapyI am fully qualified in teaching remedial yoga. I have studied under the tutelage of the Iyengar family, Stephanie Quirke and Mira Mehta

I have experience in teaching people with special needs. Teaching at Lewisham college.
I also taught for Headway who work with people recovering from strokes.


I run classes at various locations in South East London.
I run monthly workshops and pranayama classes.
Every Autumn I run a retreat in Olympos Turkey.
In 2020 you can join a retreat in Midhurst, Sussex 
And non-residential retreat in  Canterbury, Kent