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SPECIAL - Iyengar yoga and Tibetan Medicine workshop June 30th 2018 - £75 - inc Lunch

Workshops help you to gain a greater understanding of the practice of Yoga and to work more in depth on the asanas and pranayama.

All workshops get filled very quickly so it is advisable to book early. I also sell gift vouchers for these sessions.

Comments about these workshops

“thank you for the workshop, it inspired me and made me look at the way I teach”
- Dave
"Different workshop today and really enjoyed it, I reckon I will ache tomorrow"
- Kathy
''Absolutely brilliant I learnt so much"
- Jenny
''I felt fantastic after the workshop''   
 - Kathy
''What a great way to spend a saturday morning''
- Judy
''The workshops really help my understanding of Iyengar yoga''
- Leo
''I always enjoy Brenda's workshops''
- Lucy - Iyengar yoga teacher

"Really enjoyed the workshop - opened my eyes (and body!) to a few things and felt amazing afterwards. I was worried about being a beginner, so it was great that it really was for all levels. Thanks again"


John Marshall Hall   
Christ Church
27 Blackfriars Road, SE1Iyengar Yoga

Workshops are 3 hours 10.30am - 1.30pm
January 27th
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March 24th
April 21st
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June 16th
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If you would like to attend this workshop please BOOK IN ADVANCE and bring a cheque for £35 made payable to Brenda Hobdell with you on the day.

or phone: mobile 07812 827 566

SPECIAL - Iyengar yoga and Tibetan Medicine workshop

Date: June 30th 2018

Time: 10.30 - 2.30

John Marshall Hall   
Christ Church
27 Blackfriars Road, SE1

Cost: £75
Price includes: Two yoga classes and Lunch

With Lunch- cooked by a superb Indian chef: Umesh Nagdeote
His unique blend of authentic Indian Vegetarian food is of the highest Quality.
Tibetan Tea tasting and Indian Chai

Theme: Exploring What is The Mind
From the perspective of the Patanjali Yoga Sutras.
Recognising imbalances in the body and the mental state.
How to reach a state of Meditation through Yoga and Tibetan Medicine.

Quote:”Tibetan medicine is one of the greatest legacies of Tibetan Buddhist civilization. It is a system that can contribute substantially to maintaining a healthy mind and body. Like the traditional Indian and Chinese systems,Tibetan medicine views health as a question of balance. A variety of circumstances such as diet,lifestyle, seasonal and mental conditions can disturb this natural balance,which gives rise to different kinds of disorders”

The course teachers:

Brenda Hobdell About Brenda

Dr.Passang Topchen, D.A.C, B.T.M.S, D.T.C.M, M.D
Dr.Passang is qualified in Traditional Tibetan Medicine,Traditional
Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. Dr.Passang has been treating at his
clinic in Pune, India for 20 years before which he worked in hospitals in
China. He has treated people from all over the world. He is a director of
The Tibetan Medicine and Chinese Acupuncture clinic in Dharamsala
He also teaches and lectures on Tibetan Medicine.

Booking is essential for this course

or phone: mobile 07812 827 566